What's better than a pizza? A FRIED PIZZA!
Don't you love pizza? I do!
But sometimes I crave something greasier yet yummy...
In Napoli a great option is the PIZZA FRITTA (fried pizza)

Here you can read...

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Chipstar NapoliNo, no, I am not talking about splitting the bill.
I am talking about Neapolitans embracing Dutch traditions.

The Neapolitan entrepreneur Filippo Di Lorenzo has finally realized his dreams of 12 years to import the most famous ...
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CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS: the best Panettone Milanese - Made in...?

 is a sweet cupola shaped bread loaf originally from Milan.
It is usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year in Italy, and is one of the symbols of the city of Milan.
You might wonder what has a product of Milan to do with Kingdom of Naples.
Well, firstly Natale (Christmas) without panettone would be... 
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Yes, we are back from Naples and are ready to plan the new season for 2014.

We´ve been researching places, meeting people, arranging experiences...
It has been a fantastic journey and has given us a lot of inspiration: we can´t wait to share is all with you!
Soon 4 new packages will... 

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