Chipstar NapoliNo, no, I am not talking about splitting the bill.
I am talking about Neapolitans embracing Dutch traditions.

The Neapolitan entrepreneur Filippo Di Lorenzo has finally realized his dreams of 12 years to import the most famous Dutch street food: the ‘Vlaamse friet’ (Flemish Fries).
Last month he opened in Naples a new fastfood: Chipstar (location on google map) and locals LOVE THEM already!

The first thing you will see is a long line of people waiting for their fries. The wait is never short and always worth it.  
While waiting you can have fun watching how the Dutch potatoes are peeled, cut, fried and double fried Dutchstyle (that’s the secret that makes them so delicious!).

Also in Naples fries are served in the traditional cone (better known in Napoli as ‘o cuoppo’) with a large selection of sauces: 16 different types!

The famous pizza has now competition!
Will the pizza be defeated by Dutch street food?
What’s your favourite: Pizza or Patat?
Vote here: Kingdom of Naples
Let the battle begin!